Our Inspiration

Why Puerto Rico

A great philosopher once said, "to conquer your future, you must know your past." Self identification through positive role models and mentors is essential to building a strong foundation, proud legacy and productive team in order to prosper on all fronts; that is what Taino Capital LLC aspires to do in all its ventures. Our early connection to the island and its cultural fabric certainly influenced the work we do today. 

Historically, the Spanish settlers, along with their Puerto Rican workers and soldiers, went into Florida and other parts of North America looking to build its cities and, even later, fighting with the patriots to defeat the powerful British army in the Revolutionary War. Since then, Puerto Ricans, and other Latinos, have fought in every war the U.S. has been involved in.  

For that and many other reasons, our ancestors have instilled in our parents the importance of understanding and embracing our Puerto Rican history, culture and traditions. Not only to know our roots, but also as importantly, to fully identify ourselves with our origins instead of allowing the media and external forces identify who we are.  This is a driving force that inspires us. 

We envision the island to be the next possible hub for startup innovation, economic development, higher education, and social enterprise. Similar to the economic evolution of Singapore and Macau, Puerto Rico is a bilingual island that has the potential to thrive in business, academia, and tourism. With its location as a gateway to the United States and Latin America, parallel to Africa, and with strategic access to the Panama Canal, Puerto Rico is situated to be a premier transhipment hub where international trade and new technologies are nurtured and transported globally. 

At Taino, we believe the key to further economic development in Puerto Rico is a shift toward an incentive-based model that promotes entrepreneurship and market growth buttressed by progressive and supportive government economic policy.