Our Inspiration: Why Puerto Rico

A great philosopher once said, "to conquer your future, you must know your past."  

Since 1492 until the present, the small island of Puerto Rico has been instrumental in transforming the Americas and the United States into the super power it is today; as this strategically placed island in the Atlantic ocean was used by the Spaniards to build its massage forts in order to introduce and launch Christianity into the Americas (first Catholic church and Cathedral established in PR) and Eurocentric education and customs in the Americas (first university in the Americas built in PR).  

The Spaniards with their Puerto Rican workers and soldiers went into Florida and other parts of North America to build its churches and later fight with the patriots to defeat the powerful British army in the Revolutionary War.  Since then, Puerto Ricans, along with their other Latino brothers from Mexican origins have fought in every war the U.S. has been involved in.  


It is in this context that my ancestors instilled in my parents the importance of understanding and embracing our history, culture and traditions not only to know our roots but just as importantly, to fully identify ourselves instead of allowing the media and external forces identify who we are.  Self identification through positive role models and mentors is essential to building a strong foundation to prosper on all fronts and thus leave behind a proud legacy for future generations.  

As a result, although I am a third generation Puerto Rican and Latina, I have visited my island three to four times a year experiencing the rich culture, foods, traditions, and beauty even before I was born, nurtured in my mother's womb. My early connection to the island and its cultural fabric certainly has influenced the work I do today.